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With over 35 years of combined experience in identifying warehouse limitations and developing cost-effective solutions that are self-funded by generated savings, for the purpose of assisting clients to reduce operational costs with proven methods and products that improve operational efficiencies and accuracies, while recovering valuable space.

Integrated Warehouse Solutions Inc. (IWS) is a knowledgeable, reliable and highly competitive supplier of storage systems, material handling equipment and software-driven picking systems. Contrary to so many suppliers that just quote and sell commodity products, as our company name implies, we are a truly Integrated Warehouse Solutions provider.

Whether your perceived need is simply some storage products and / or a piece of material handling equipment, we assure you that we will competitively respond to your request, while always inviting you, without obligation, to utilize our knowledge and experience in assessing your current warehouse and distribution operation to determine if you have a need for improvement that will assist your company to out-perform your competition.

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